Great Flower Choices For August Cutting

Though we are thinking ahead to the colder days to come, in August, summer is still in full flow (or at least it should be!). Though the UK weather often leaves something to be desired, there are still likely to be plenty of flowers in bloom in successful gardens. Many of the cut flowers you were able to enjoy over the last couple of months will still be in bloom if you have cared for them correctly and other new blooms will be coming into their own. Here are ten great flower choices for August cutting:

Achillea MillefoliumAchillea

The bright and pastel shades of Achillea will endure well when dried and these tend to look great to brighten up displays between now and October or, once dried, beyond and into the winter months.


Chrysanthemums will be in bloom between now and October and are great as a long-lasting filler flower in a range of arrangements for use as gifts and in your home.


One of the staples of late-summer season displays, both in borders and beds and in displays inside your home, cosmos are bright and cheery and come in a wide range of colours and varieties. No matter how grey it is outside, cosmos can brighten your day.


Delphiniums make spectacular cut flowers. Their height, their texture and their drama makes for some magnificent arrangements. These blooms are perfect for bold and impressive displays.


One of the great ornamental foliages, kochia may not exactly be a flower but it definitely deserves a place in your cutting garden. The foliage is pale green and turns to a bright copper in the autumn. Like all ornamental grasses, it works well as a foliage filler in displays.

Amaranthus caudatus, Love Lies BleedingLove-Lies-Bleeding

The stunning tassel-like flowers of this plant are fantastic for adding a rich body and texture to taller displays and these can bloom right into September.


Almost the opposite of the above and yet equally useful for floral displays, Mignonette has small-headed, pretty and delicate flowers which might get lost in a larger arrangement but which are perfect in a smaller display.


These pretty spears of colour that come in various hues add substance to larger displays and these summer steeples will bloom right through the summer and often well into September. They are great for informal displays of cottage garden style flowers.


Statice is widely considered to be one of the best plants for cutting and for dried flowers. They also make a great, colourful addition to your beds and borders and can be in bloom into the early autumn.


A favourite for many, sunflowers are cheerful and bold. They are easy to grow and are a must for flower arranging. They also dry well, so you can keep that summer feeling going for that little bit longer. Sunflowers look wonderful in harvest time displays.