Is the World Finally Waking Up? What Can You Do in Your Garden To Support Climate Strikers?

As young people in 150 countries around the world take to the streets to fight for their future, and for the future of us all, gardeners should all think about what they themselves can do. While many people take to the streets to make sure the climate catastrophe is treated as the disaster that it is, it is important to remember that activism is just part of the picture. These strikes are playing a vital role in raising awareness about the issues we face – and the stark future we face if we do not act quickly. But individuals must join politicians and big business in making radical changes if we are to succeed in averting complete disaster.

A garden is a wonderful resource – one which can allow you to do your part for planet and people. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, you are well placed to make many of the personal changes that we all have to make. While we must all work together to create a better future for all, there is also plenty that we can do to make a big difference without even leaving home. Here are just 10 of the steps to take in your garden to show your solidarity with climate strikers, whether or not you are able to actually take to the streets today:

  • Garden Organically
  • Conserve Water and Use it Wisely
  • Conserve Energy & Use and Value Renewable Sources of Power
  • Protect and Enhance the Soil
  • Value and Enhance the Biodiversity of Your Local Area
  • Grow, Preserve & Cook Your Own Food (To reduce your carbon footprint.)
  • Use Resources from Your Garden to Generally Reduce the Amount You Buy
  • Learn Skills in Your Garden and Take on DIY Projects to Reduce Consumption
  • Reduce Plastic Use
  • Avoid Waste in All Its Forms

You can find all sorts of tips, suggestions and practical information on this website to help you garden in a way that works for our planet, and use the resources in your garden to make sure our planet's bounty is preserved for future generations.

Many of the young people on climate strikes around the world will not have access to a garden. Those of us who do have a duty to make the most of it, and aid them in making this world a better place.