Gardening Techniques and Ideas

A Beginners Guide to Buying Seeds
A Guide to Creating Raised Beds for Vegetables in Your Garden
A Guide to Mulches
A Guide To Pricking Out Seedlings
Adopting Ex-Battery Hens
An Introduction to Hügelkultur
An Introduction to Keeping Chickens in Your Garden
An Introduction to No-Dig Gardening
An Introduction to Straw Bale Gardening
An Introduction to Vertical Gardening
Applying Permaculture Principles in the Garden
Attracting Wildlife to Your Garden
Beginner's Guide to Container Gardening
Beginner's Guide to Crop Rotation
Beginner's Guide to Polytunnel Growing
Beginner's Guide to Watering
Choosing a Location for a Wildlife Pond
Choosing the Right Trees for Your Garden
Common Garden Weeds That You Can Eat
Companion Plants For Tomatoes
Consider Getting Some Worms for Vermicomposting
Cover Crops To Plant In August
Creating a Wild Flower Meadow In Your Garden
Dealing With Slugs in the Garden
Dealing With Summer Weather Extremes In the Garden
Enjoying a July Harvest
Enjoying an August Harvest
Five Garden Projects To Do With Kids During The School Holidays
Five Great Species To Choose For A Native Hedge
Five Ways To Make Use of Nettles
Five Wildlife Spectacles To Be Enjoyed in Late Summer
Five Wildlife Spectacles To Be Enjoyed in the Spring Garden
General Tips For Seed Saving
Get On Top of Weeds Before the Weather Warms Up
Getting To Know Your Garden – Beginning With The Basics
Good Edible Plants For Hanging Baskets
Hardening Off Plants
How To Clean Your Polytunnel or Greenhouse
How to Create a Child-Friendly Garden
How to Create a Garden Pond
How To Create A Green Roof For Your Garden Shed
How To Create a Mushroom Patch in Your Garden
How to Get Started as Soon as Possible with the Growing Season
How To Help Garden Wildlife in Late Summer
How To Look Out For Garden Wildlife in Early Spring
How To Make A Cold Frame For Hardening Off Your Plants
How To Make A Home-Made Propagator
How To Make Leaf Mould
How To Make Sure Your Garden Survives While You Are Away On Your Summer Holiday